Black Hills Psychology

About Us

Black Hills Psychology was formed to provide a comprehensive range of behavioral health services within one group practice. As a team of experienced and licensed psychologists, therapists and a psychiatrist, we offer a wide range of specialties and approaches to care for individuals of all ages. At Black Hills Psychology, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the best care possible by a professional who is skilled to help you with the specific issues you are seeking to address. Each professional at our clinic has completed training and gained additional practical experience in their own areas of expertise. Our multi-disciplinary team approach assures that each client's care is highly personalized to meet his or her individual goals.

At Black Hills Psychology, you will also be able to receive psychiatric care by a licensed psychiatrist or nurse practitioner. Therapists and psychiatry providers meet regularly to consult on shared clients so that we can ensure that you are being provided with the best care and the most personalized treatment plan possible.

Our Team

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